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Love the way the way he draws khajit, also check out this comic it is amazing I love it. Going to do that update tonight with the list or tomorrow depending on how this test goes. Sorry about being away so much, life kicking me in the teeth. So much stress, getting head above water again. Also planning on doing more stories with other peoples OC’s just need to get permission from them. So yeah, Stormfront story long overdue working on that one off and on so it will be first. Mr. Narrator out.


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Love the way the way he draws khajit, also check out this comic it is amazing I love it. Going to do that update tonight with the list or tomorrow depending on how this test goes. Sorry about being away so much, life kicking me in the teeth. So much stress, getting head above water again. Also planning on doing more stories with other peoples OC’s just need to get permission from them. So yeah, Stormfront story long overdue working on that one off and on so it will be first. Mr. Narrator out.


These are what I would consider to be the most basic, bare-bones questions of character creation.

  • What would completely break your character?
  • What was the best thing in your character’s life?
  • What was the worst thing in your character’s life?
  • What seemingly…

Going to do all of these!


Fortunately, we-askmikaiandcap (Ask blog), order was restored quickly. These situations occur for a variety of reasons. For example, on the list Westwood maintains, number five was, “The contained entity asked nicely.”

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Thus the horror that is Smiling Fragment ‘Movie Trivia’ was released on Equestria once more! This evil fiend appears in movie theaters and quotes trivia through out the film! 


Have a the-smiling-guard .

Manly squee


Have a the-smiling-guard .

Manly squee

What Dreams May Come part two

A sea of paper work, a literal sea of paperwork. Sheets of white, pink, and yellow rise up and crash in waves against the upside down desk. A giant pencil juts out the top with the tattered remains of the carbon paper sail fluttering in the wind. The waste basket can only do so much to keep the water out, the white out isn’t holding there are too many leaks. Annalise tries desperately to bail out her desk, there is so much paper work! She is drowning in it, her quill oars were lost some time ago. No it can’t end like this, not in the Triplicate Report Sea! Suddenly a shadow forms as lightning cracks overhead, it is a tidal wave of paper work boring down at her. The frightened mare lets out a scream and covers her head a vain attempt at protecting herself from the coming wave.

"PRIVATE ANNALISE!" A booming voice breaks through the sounds of the storm, the paper tidal wave has frozen in mid crash. The lightning has even frozen, descending from the blackened clouds is Princess Luna. And she does not look happy. “This is the third time this week we have had to pay your dreams a visit." Giant brooms would begin to sweep away the sea of paper work, as well as the clouds. Annalise would look up at the Princess her face flushed with embarrassment. "Princess Luna! I am so sorry I didn’t mean… I was just doing paperwork and… there is just so much of it…" She would whine. The desk fades away leaving the pair standing in a tranquil sea. It is true Annalise has been hitting the books, doing research, filing paperwork and so much more. She is exhausted and now even her dreams are being invaded by the paper work. "I’m really sorry I will try to dream of better things… I just need to research how to do that.

Young one you must not threat, as I have told you time and time again you must not take on so much responsibility. I know you are doing your best to help keep Equestria safe but you are just one pony. I have read over your reports and this being you are studying appears to pose no threat. You have said yourself that it has stated it only wants to be left alone.” The reports that Luna receives are worded in such a way as to not reveal what Smiling or Memory truly are. Princes Celestia feels that the time is not yet right to reveal what happened to one of her favored guards. Or the things he did in his attempts to avenge her, she is not sure when the right time will be. Or if it will ever be the right time. “I know Princess, but… the magic that WCP 333-3 uses is so very dangerous. I think I know why so very few know of it, whoever did the most research on memory magic realized its potential. So they left spells behind to alter the memories of others that try to learn it." Princess Luna would nod, that is must troubling but it is also a wise decision. She would need to speak with her sister about this. The scenery would change around them now, to a moon lit field with a clear sky full of constellations. All around them lilies bloom in the moon light while fire flies flew about filling the night air with soft green beacons of light.

I will speak with my sister about this, but until then I want you to get some real rest. Have some of the other guards go over the paperwork for you. For now though just enjoy this dream, I use to visit this ponies dreams quite often long ago. They always dreamed of this place, it is very peaceful. The only time it changed was when the sky was cloudy… I would always find them staring at another pony that looked exactly like them." It is a beautiful meadow, the air is crisp the night is warm there is even the faintest hint of a breeze. Annalise smiles and looks up at the night sky, the stars twinkling above and the moon glowing like the sun. "This is gorgeous, I didn’t know you could conjure up other ponies dreams. Who was this pony if you don’t mind me asking.

We cannot recall his name at the moment but he had the most infectious smile about him…


“I no longer knew what was real and what wasn’t. The lines between reality and delusion had become so blurred.” 

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Sometimes… the strength we need can’t be found by us. Sometimes it finds its own way out to help us. Though when we discover it ourselves, we risk losing it. ((Hee hee love the cameo thank you Unhinged, that creepy just peering over the top of the table is so something Memory would do.))

Still alive, kind of

Mr. Narrator here, been a rough couple of weeks. And by rough I mean nearly evicted, broken ankle, school losing my records, and sewer gas nearly killing me. But I endure, barely, mostly out of spite that I am still alive. Big FU to all the people that want me dead, so yeah… updates this weekend. Gotta promise myself that one. So… yeah see you all again soon.

Mr. Narrator

Right so… been a bit of an intense couple of weeks and if you know my other posts about life then you know it is pretty big. Going to update here this week. Got a couple posts in mind, What Dreams May Come part 2. Annalise goes after Four Inept Guards. I won’t bore you with details, but yeah… thanks for hanging with me. Somehow I have over 300 followers, gotta do something about that.


This is far too amusing to play around with. Atjour Cervix the Gynecologist, an alternative universe Atjour.

For different reasons I think Atjour Cervix would be much more in peace with herself. But still a bit of a troll. And with her work being mare focused I guess most stallions go free in this universe. But she has always been more gentle with mares, no permanent mental scarring or anything.

This is fun to play with. Even the cutiemark was fun to draw.

Cameos of Sweet Scream, Nathariel and Arrowhead with Sunwise.

AU Smiling peeked in on one of her sessions once, never again. He had to go have a cry and eat an entire ice cream parlors freezer.

Write a Headcanon about my character

If it’s good, it will become official.


Dear sweet sweet Atjour... this is a two way road, he doesn't buck with what is mine and I won't buck with him or what is 'yours'. Of course this new love interest seems to have distracted you from your previous pudgy lover. Tell me, was that all about the jiggle or were you just fattening him up for slaughter?


Love interest? Don’t be silly, he’s a toy I have fun with. He’s just the one I had fun with the most so far. Pudgy was just a pass time to not feel too bored at work. He delivered most of the fun himself when he became plain paranoid. I bet he’s still running in fright at the sight of anything that reminds him of me and I haven’t even done anything to him. Yet…

Can’t have I get too bored around here.


Well, all I can say is… RUN BASTION! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! To be honest I just like seeing him try to run. I take bets on how far he can get before he collapses, or has a heart attack. Honestly it is like watching a sea lion on land, it is almost hypnotic the way his blubber ripples.

Alternate Story where Atjour became a gynaecologist instead: Atjour Cervix



I… I just… This might be amusing me more than it should.

Atjour is ready for your appointment, ms Sweet Cream



I have no words.

I do have a word. Proceed.

What dreams may come

It had been such a wonderful day for Nikolai, so many interested ponies wanting to pick his brain for information. So much incompetence in the faculty and guards. That foolish mare Arrowhead nearly let him out of his cell, oh what havoc he could have wrought then. What terrible things he could have done. How many would fall before him before the false goddesses would come to put him down? Yes it had been a very good day, but then he heard something. A sucking sound, a very annoying sucking sound. The sound that can only be made by somepony sucking at the last bits of drink in a cup with a straw. It is like gryphon claws on a chalk board, and it was coming from behind him. Turning quickly he would find a visitor not outside his cell looking in but rather sitting inside his cell staring right at him. It is pony shaped, wearing a hooded robe with dirty brown bandages wrapped about its limbs. From somewhere in the depths of that robe a black tendril is coiled about a nearly empty slushie cup. It is wearing a white mask with two black dots for eyes, a tiny pin point of red for the pupil and a crudely smeared on smile. It is at this moment though that Nikolai becomes aware of three things.

The first thing is a sound, a sort of shunk noise. It is very sudden and abrupt, it also comes with the second thing. That is pain in his back and chest, it starts out dull but is quickly growing in intensity. His limbs feel like lead weights, the pain has temporarily paralyzed him. The third thing is usually a good thing for him at least, it is the sweet coppery taste of blood. But this time, it is his own blood filling his mouth. Gushing up from his esophagus causing him to cough bloody spittle upon the floor. The sucking sound continues, the figure not moving at all just watching. The shock subsides and Nikolai is able to glance down to see what this pain is in his chest. Eyes widening in shock he sees a black tendril similar to the one holding the cup but this one is flat, thin like a blade and it is jutting out of his chest. It withdraws quickly with a schunf noise causing Nikolai to collapse onto the floor in a growing pool of blood. In his blurry field of vision he sees that cup being set in front of him.

"I… am Memory. And you are bucking with my stuff." The pain is gone, as quickly as it appeared it vanishes. The blood so warm at first that cools so quickly is also gone. Metal Fang is able to move and he quickly stands up to confront this strange intruder. "There are many things in this land that I claim, both living and not. You are dealing with things that appear to be quite incompetent and it has lead you to believe things. These things are wrong, it is true that certain members of the guard are less than stellar in their jobs. But the actions of a few does not mean that the whole is the same way." The words are very level, the speaking voice is a dull monotone that doesn’t fluctuate. When placed with the appearance of the mask it provides a sense of unease, verbal communication is also very visual. Ones emotional facial features and bodily actions need to sync up with what is being said in order for others to understand. One cannot talk about a great tragedy with a joking tone and a smile. That is a sign of mental illness or a complete disregard for basic emotions.

Nikolai opens his mouth to speak but the world blurs, changes, he is no longer in his cell now. No, he is in a town square of a place he has never seen. Ponies cursing, screaming at him, many with torches. He realizes he is tied to a stake, below him a pile of very dry wood. Then a torch falls into the wood, the fire spreads. Smoke chokes him, burning his lungs stinging his eyes. Then the flames start licking at his hooves, there is a scream then they are back in Nikolai’s cell. “Memory is not only my name, but also my power. I exist in the darkness, and in the dark I have found so many spirits who remember so much. So very much, of course that is just a warning. No, I wouldn’t kill you. Death is so final, and there are already so many waiting for you in the after life. No, I will make sure you live… A very long time…” Now the voice starts to change, it begins ramping up in both volume and intensity. “I will take three things from you first, I will take your sight. Your sense of smell, and your taste. I will do this by taking your face. And no it won’t be a smooth surface I am going to take your face leaving a gaping hole in the front of your skull. They will bandage you up, strap you to a bed and shove tubes down your face hole.”

"Some tubes will breath for you, some will pump liquid foods into your stomach. You will be trapped there, able to hear and feel all. Living a life trapped in bed, never to read another book. Never to smell the unique scent of some special pony, never taste them again… You will crave death but it will not come, no you will live a very long time. So I give you this warning… do not buck with the things that I have claimed as my own. Verbally you can give a few jabs but don’t go too far it is in poor taste. Now I believe I have eaten up enough of your time, so I will leave you be. So, take care. Behave. Enjoy what you have found, blah blah blah good behavior rewarded blah blah blah bad punished. Sorry I’m running short on time and you are about to wake up, so remember what I said." With a snort and a gasp Nikolai would wake up panting. Soaked in a cold sweat he would look around his room, that was a rather intense dream. It wouldn’t be until the morning that he would find the empty cup on the floor. Or the hole in the front and back of his shirt, something he would completely miss is the slightly curled hairs on his back legs.


A day in the life of Prince Butters part 3

After a nutritious lunch of soup, with lots of grunting, rolling around and some rather disturbing pelvic thrusting on the floor the Prince is ready to deal with some of his more important duties. There is the checking of the guard, which involves him running around the palace barking at nothing. Then there is the review of the castle work staff, which involves more running around and barking. Uh oh, somepony used too much floor wax! The Prince is now bouncing around a pin ball! After a little magical intervention followed by a thorough barking out Butters is off to deal with the most important part of his duties! Dealing with the many questions for his Tumblr.

Of course he gets a little help, there are so many questions to deal with. As well as the many packages that get sent to him, there is a strict screening process of course. There is no need for a repeat of the infamous veggie bomb platter incident, some health nut thought that Palace wasn’t eating enough veggies so they sent in fresh vegetables and fruits. There were mixed reactions, some enjoying others not. This did not go over well with the group of healthy eating fanatics. So they started sending veggie platter bombs. Fruit salad combustibles, it was a real mess. Someday’s one might find guards wandering about dazed and confused covered in fruit salad. Or some poor maid or butler writhing on the floor drenched in three bean salad. Dark days those were.

But each question gets a thorough going over by the Prince, those that are deemed worthy of being answered get the butt press of approval, questions to be answered later get the lick of procrastination, and finally there are the rejects. The less said about what he does to those the better, needless to say Atjour is never happy about those ones. Once that is all taken care of it is time for dinner, followed by the Royal Bath.

This takes a team of no less than four unicorns to wrangle the Prince into the royal bath tub. After his bath it is time to put the Prince to bed, if he is grumpy this requires precision team work. Less accidents happen, like a guard being bucked out a window into an inflatable cactus patch. Or falling from high places and landing on their horn. Or cemented to the walls via the glue like saliva of the Prince. But a blanket over his head puts the energenic Prince right to sleep. After being tucked in the staff takes a breather, and prepares for the next day. Wills are written, resignations are rejected, family members kidnapped so the workers will show up. For tomorrow is Prince Butter’s annual physical check up.